Monthly Archives: November 2013


I am thankful for:

  1. Eternal salvation in Jesus – because we do not exist arbitrarily or accidentally
  2. My family – we are all healthy and content
  3. Freedom – while much threatens it, I am reminded of its value and the sacrifice of others who provide it to me
  4. Friends – those who encourage and challenge me
  5. Second chances – because sometimes life gets messy

IT doesn’t matter but oranges do

2008 was a banner year for me.  But I could smell the commoditization starting to settle in.  Demand for IT products and services was slowing down.  I was in a meeting with a big time CIO who wasn’t shy about his accomplishments and influence.  IT suits at Fortune 100s pick their teeth with vendors and manufactures falling over themselves for a purchase order.  As expected, this guy had all the juice of a banana republic dictator and the bravado to go with it. Continue reading