Monthly Archives: January 2017

Why I am not a “Trump supporter”

I am a United States citizen. I cast my vote in the primary and then the general election like anyone else.  Yet despite all the savvy about this election being an “unpopularity contest” the outcome demands that progressives expand on the compartmentalization of society by labeling their opposition. Forgotten is the notion that most people on both sides seemed to be casting their vote against rather than for a candidate. And gone also is the idea that voting is as much a responsibility as a right. I guess the “get out and vote” meme isn’t for everybody after all?

When Obama won the presidency, twice, his political opposition was told “We won!” and to expect, on that basis, any amount of unilateral exercise of power by way of popular mandate. Dusty old authoritarian rhetoric like “It’s the law of the land!” was used to describe the Affordable Care Acts’s descent onto an individual’s freedom to buy health insurance or not. Who his “supporters” were was immaterial. The election was over and he was president. Victory was its own virtue. And any effort to qualify the intentions, criticize the discourse, or judge the content of character of him or his “supporters” was racist and un-American. Suddenly, however, now that the progressives did not get their way, the electoral process has no merit. Trump won on a technicality that defies the public consciousness etc.

My point is that, when on top, the progressives like the boot. When out of power, not so much. I guess we can look forward to a return to the cries about “shredding the constitution” as during Bush 43. That would be refreshing after eight years of calling it “outdated”. When in power, progressives like “the law of the land”. When out of power, again, not so much.

But as for this “Trump supporter” status, it is a means of making personal the inherently anonymous act of participating in the election process. It is a Bolshevik means of identifying those responsible for resisting popularity. But maybe I’m an alarmist. Maybe it is just a means to simply distinguish between those who voted for Trump with misgivings and those who were all in – and only boil them in oil.

Madonna now wants to blow up the White House. I take it that a few months ago she did not? I wonder, does this impulse extend to the “supporters”? The differences between pure democracy and monarchy, fascism, or communism are mostly superficial such as in the number of dissidents killed. The only thing that makes the United States, while imperfect, the beacon of freedom and hope it serves as for the rest of the world is constitutional law and due process. The whimsies of progressive populism seek to destroy or seize in a fit of self righteous indignation and a fleeting momentary passion the property and life of individuals. And it is the fuel of the modern activist to categorize and label their opposition for this purpose.