What Tom and Jerry (and Thomas Sowell) can teach us about Ferguson, the Middle-East and border security

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New item!!!: lawlessness

Cheap aggression connects the middle-east to Ferguson and the border

Ever the adult in the room, Thomas Sowell churns out some undiluted common sense in his recent article: Cease the Cease Fires.  He makes the case that the easily anticipated political pressure on Israel to “cease fire” before ever unleashing the full fury of their military might in retaliation to attacks lowers the “cost of aggression” for their attackers.  He’s right.

A gun free zone has the same effect.  An attacker contemplating an assault on his victims would surely like to lower the cost of perpetrating his crimes.  The same is well written about plunder in The Law by Frederic Bastiat:

When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.”

 Remember the Tom and Jerry episode where the mouse rescues Spike from getting carried off to the pound?  Jerry climbs up the back of the dog catcher’s truck and throws the latch and releases Spike from the crate just in time before disappearing over the horizon. Spike promptly lavishes Jerry with gratitude vowing to rush to his aid anytime and to “just whistle” if he needs him.  And did he ever! We spend the rest of the cartoon watching Jerry bait Tom into copious confrontations with Spike interrupting Tom’s efforts to retaliate. It’s a hoot to watch but man does it ever bring Dr. Sowell’s point home.

What makes this episode so entertaining is that just getting a break from Tom’s aggression is not enough for Jerry. Instead of simply living a peaceful [mouse] life he begins to terrorize Tom. What Spike’s protection did is lower the price Jerry had to pay on his aggression toward the cat. Since Jerry knew he would not suffer the usual consequences it became fun and perhaps therapeutic to turn the tables on Tom and get even. But what was meant for entertainment is an edifying lesson in human behavior. And we can see Dr. Sowell’s thesis playing out right now in three places:

1.  Ferguson:  The media has made it impossible to have a rational conversation about this. Justice is supposed to be blind but pop culture jackals are having none of that.

The race baiters, in this particular case, demand that the use of force protocol by white police officers against black assailants be modified to suit the political conscience of progressives.  Which is to say that people shall be treated by the law, not according to the fourteenth amendment, rather you are to be apportioned justice according to social labels that progressive elites have assigned to you. And the progressive elites will determine which grievances you are eligible for in society.

The truth is that progressive activists want the cost of aggression lowered for their protected classes. This is the same kind of political pressure to “cease fire” that Dr. Sowell is talking about in his article: that black criminals should not have to fear a lethal response from police if they go for the officer’s weapon but should be given the benefit of the doubt that at some point during such a felonious attack the assailant may have a change of heart and signal an intent to surrender.  Anyone not belonging to the protected class that rich white progressives have set up can  just be shot like normal.

2. Middle-East:  As Dr. Sowell pointed out, why shouldn’t they shoot at Israel when they know they won’t have to pay the consequences?

Google this now:googlePallywood

What you will find is a shameless miniseries of C-grade kabuki theatre designed for the consumption of naive western media outlets; fake blood and all. But it’s plenty good enough for pseudo intellectual twaddleheads to demand pacifism from the IDF. Hamas’ enjoys a truncated response from every attack they launch thanks to irrational standards set by artless buffoons in the mainstream media and a rudderless US administration.

Essentially, there are no circumstances under which an unabridged retaliation by Israel is justified. No matter how many rockets Hamas fires at them per hour. Nobody illustrates this absurdity better than Netanyahu himself:

“Israel will not negotiate under fire,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


3. The southern border of the United States: Good fences make good neighbors

So does the exploitation of Latino children by “coyotes” bother you?

How about the trafficking of young women in particular? There is nothing that creates a useful crisis like making something illegal and dangerous easy to do.

Like a depressed cost of aggression, weak enforcement of our border expands the opportunities for criminal enterprise thus growing the demand for victims of traffickers, drug mules etc.

This article on Dialágo says matter-of-factly what is driving kidnapping in Central America.

Locking down our border would starve this activity.  Not doing it is cruel and makes the US culpable to the crime perpetrated on the citizens of these Latin American countries and victims from other countries routed through the region.


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