You have a computer!! In your HOUSE!?!?

[Movie reference: Blast From the Past] Remember when Troy tells Adam he has a computer and Adam says, “in your HOUSE?!?” he leaps over the couch running from knee to toe to see it.

Today, access to technology is making ‘status quo’ an obsolete term.  We have the world at our behest and it’s not even worth talking about.

Marc Andreessen said in his epic article “Why software is eating the world” in ’11:

“[with] Loudcloud, the cost of a customer running a basic Internet application was [around CY2000] approximately $150,000 a month. Running that same application today in Amazon’s cloud costs about $1,500 a month.”

And just the other day I was talking with a hospital CIO  who said:

“[popular employee time clock software vendor] wants $60k to upgrade the software for my hospital.. I just found a mobile app that does a better job for $150.00 bucks a month!”.

so what does all of this mean?  It means that technology is no longer a barrier anymore to anything for anyone.


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