Satan’s Kryptonite

Meekness is perhaps the most hated of all virtues with jealousy as its meanest rival. Defined as the power to remain ourselves in all circumstances, meekness, when lived out for its own sake shall be replaced with bravado under the threat of ridicule from the despot of jealousy i.e. wussophobia. This same jealousy demands meekness under more practical circumstances when idealism can be easily discarded. If we win the lottery and adorn ourselves we are chided by proud critics calling for vain altruism, popular minimalism, and a humble attitude toward work using meekness as an anesthetic for the insufferable condition of having a peer’s good fortune in view.

What is it about meekness that so enrages and predictably terrifies the dark heart of mankind that it seeks to bury and replace it with a cobbled substitute so aggressively? What hazard is it when left alone? It is Satan’s Kryptonite. Meekness allows us, if only at brief moments, to bear the uncorrupted image of God in which we are created. In its simplest form meekness casts the tallest and broadest of shadows over avarice. It is self sacrifice for sacrifice’s sake. It is the condemnation of corruptibility itself.